Workplace Conflict Resolution

You must be the change you want to see in the world.

~ Ghandi

Level 2 (WCR-2)

Building upon the foundation of WCR-1, this one day program expands upon the scenario-based verbal de-escalation training and introduces the fundamentals of physical self protection.

The ultimate goal in every disruptive or hostile situation is tension reduction. In WCR-2, participants expand their repertoire of verbal skills and learn to cultivate what we call ‘tactical civility’. This learned quality maintains calm in the center of emotional storms, projects empathy, and sets clear boundaries in the face of belligerence.

This practice is about being real, authentic, not clinging to anything, and above all, not harming, acting with integrity and honesty, and warm-heartedness.John Kabat-Zinn

When Push Comes to Shove

Sadly, even reasonable, clearly defined boundaries are crossed. When faced with violence in the workplace, the victim has at least two battles to win: the physical one, wherein safety and survival are paramount, and the professional one, wherein reputations are at stake and future litigation is always a concern.

The perception of excessively forceful responses towards aggressive individuals can cost your operation both its reputation and its income. WCR-2 gives participants the skills to ensure they win both battles.

During this course, you will learn:

  • The proactive use of intuition
  • How to establish a stance that is both strategic and non-threatening
  • When to keep talking, when to start moving
  • Simple, effective movement pattern applicable to almost any attack
  • How to draw the most from the body you have
  • Controls, submissions, escapes
  • Your rights under the law
  • How to develop an effective workplace violence policy
  • How to document, debrief, and digest the incident

Where Does the Training Happen?

We are happy to come to your site to deliver this course. If there is no suitable classroom at your facility, we will find one close by. We also offer regularly scheduled classes in Peace River, Alberta. Click here to access our training calendar.

What’s the cost?

The cost of this course is $169 per student, based on a minimum of 8 participants. Travel, accommodation and subsistence charges are additional for courses delivered more than 100 km from Peace River, Alberta.

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