About Daniel Kempling

Daniel Kempling

Daniel Kempling

Founder and president Daniel Kempling brings a diverse range of skills to the table.

He is a lifelong practitioner of the martial arts, holding a sixth degree black belt and teaching credentials (Shidoin) in the art of Aikido. As a kenshusei (apprentice) to the late T.K. Chiba, Daniel spent five years of intensive study in Aikido, Iaido and Zen meditation. He has led dojos in the United States, South Africa and Canada, and currently acts as chief instructor at North Star Aikikai, in Peace River, Alberta.

Daniel has also worked and trained intensively in the fitness industry. He is a BCRPA certified strength trainer and an instructor of the Pilates method. In 2003, he combined these various disciplines to found the Centre for Mindful Movement, an organization dedicated to enriching lives through deepened somatic awareness and vitality.

In addition to the disciplines mentioned, he also developed and delivered training in use of force protocols for law enforcement and security professionals, self defense programs for school age girls, training in the cultivation of chivalry for young men, and workshops and instructional videos related to mindfulness and postural health for the general public.

Most recently, Daniel has taken his passion for well-being and applied it to the field of industrial safety. In this industry he has acted as Medic, Rescue Technician, Construction Safety Officer, and Regional Manager. It was during this phase of life that Daniel noted the glaring absence of effective training in Workplace Conflict Resolution throughout industry and business.

Mindful Movement Training, founded in 2007, works in direct response to this need.

In 2016, he became certified by the Crisis Prevention Institute to deliver the Prepare™ program. This program provides workplace violence prevention training for effectively responding to challenging customer and co-worker behavior.

Known for his engaging speaking style, Daniel also works as an independent workshop facilitator, contracting to various self-development organizations throughout North America.

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